ACTS Softshade Blinds Range

With versatile light control and insulating properties - the Softshade Blinds range from Luxaflex - NZ's leading blind supplier, is an ideal and stylish solution for both home and business.

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Duette Shades

With insulation technology, Duette® Shades keeps you home or workplace warmer in winter and reduces heat gain in summer. Produced using an innovative spun bonded polyester cellular honeycomb fabric, the Duette® range combines contemporary style, with efficient insulation. Filtering UV rays through translucent fabrics, the Duette® range maintains a good level of privacy, while also protecting furniture and carpets from fading through sun exposure.

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Duette Architella Shades

If you are looking for an energy efficient and stylish shading solution, the LUXAFLEX®, DUETTE® Architella Shades are the product for you. With research concluding that up to 30% of home heat loss occurs through uncovered windows, the DUETTE® Architella Shades work to make homes and offices more energy efficient.

How do DUETTE® Architella Shades work? The product features three airpockets which work for superior insulation. These are constructed with LUXAFLEX® patented "honeycomb within a honeycomb" method (pictured) which both dramatically increases insulation     while also filtering unwanted glare and unwanted summer heat.

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Silhouette Shade Blinds

Bridging the divide between curtains and Venetians, the LUXAFLEX SILHOUETTE® shadings features vanes of fabric which sit suspended two sheer fabric facings. Fully adjustable, these fabric vanes can be opened to allow the outside world to be viewed without obstruction in a soft-focus, no glare view. However, when closed, the LUXAFLEX SILHOUETTE® shadings offer total privacy.

The fabric between the vanes prevents keeps your home or office warm and insulated - ideal for rooms that feature large windows. They also prevent UV rays entering through your windows without significantly darkening the room. SILHOUETTE Shadings are produced using anti-static polyester that acts to resist dirt and dust, which means they are very low maintenance and require little cleaning care.

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Luminette Privacy Shades

A slightly different take on the LUXAFLEX SILHOUETTE® Shading solution above, the Luminette Privacy Shades are a vertical system which works to offer optimal light control, while still minimising UV rays and keeping privacy at a premium. With a high level of viewing clarity and low viewing obstruction, the Luminette Privacy Shades are the ideal solution for people who want privacy, but do not wish to sacrifice natural lighting.

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